Collection: (Sheh•Voo)


The world of hair is littered with new hair companies emerging all the time, producing quick cheap products that don’t consider the long-term effects on its consumers. Your hair deserves better. You deserve better. You deserve (SHEH•VOO).

In the industry of hair care, (SHEH•VOO) stands out, largely in part to being owned by experts on healthy hair. With a growing following of hundreds of thousands of subscribers to his YouTube channel, Dre Drexler has established himself as a major influencer in the Men’s Hair & Fashion category. Both Dre and his brother, David, have worked alongside many other hair brands, learning the ways of top companies leading up to late 2016, when they decided to make their dream products a reality with (SHEH•VOO). A family-owned and operated company, (SHEH•VOO) is trailblazing the new frontier in hair care.

(SHEH•VOO) is on a mission to continuously look for ways to produce healthier alternatives to everyday hair products. (SHEH•VOO) is striving to change the game with hair products that work for you.