Collection: Popeye Shave Co.

December 1929. POPEYE the Sailor Man was born and quickly became one of the worlds most beloved, clean-shaven hero’s. With his trademark pipe, anchor tattoos and his appetite for spinach, POPEYE overcame any obstacle and always found a way to win the heart of his favorite gal, Olive Oyl.


As kids at heart, the guys behind the brand are honored to present this collection.


2019 marks the 90th Anniversary of POPEYE and we pay homage to the iconic Sailor Man and all the Brave men & women who serve & protect our freedoms everyday with the launch of POPEYE’S Barbershop & Shave Company. A True, American Made range of Men’s Shaving & Grooming Products for the Heroic Sailor in all of us.


"Smooth Sailing Through Rough Beards"