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Mister Pompadour is every man who prides himself on looking his best and knows that hair plays an important role. Whether you’re trying to make an impression with friends, at the office, or on a date, you want your hair to be on point for whatever life throws at you.


Simply put - they work really well! With satisfied customers in all 50 states and 90+ countries we must be doing something right. Whether you’re brand new to hair styling products, or a seasoned veteran looking for a new product with all-day performance, Mister Pompadour is here to provide the quality styling products you deserve. 


We started Mister Pompadour because we know your hair speaks volumes about who you are and reflects your overall personality and style. Like most guys, we were tired of choosing between paying huge prices for high end styling products or settling for cheap junk. All we wanted were products with better ingredients and kept our hairstyle in place all day. Finding the perfect hair products were hard to come by.


Engineering friends and product designers, Zack Henry and Matt Davis, started Mister Pompadour in 2014 and are based out of Raleigh, NC. We have an appreciation for great design and an eye for fine detail, and that extends into our own personal styles and helping others find theirs. We are passionate about bringing a professional sense of style to every man and improving men's hair was our calling. Let us help you achieve your hair goals.

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