Collection: Blumaan


BluMaan was originally a childhood nickname I had, but now it’s turning into something much bigger than me. BluMaan has become a movement of people who want to stand out in the way they look, and the way they live their lives. For me, that is to create killer hair products, videos, and designing my own future through whatever I feel like taking on.

BluMaan is about creating things that are different, truly unique and are always evolving to meet that.

BluMaan is about designing products for all people addicted to having good hair. We make the best for whether you need to look great for a date, or pitch your next idea.


We start with our dedicated community of hairstyle addicts and learn from them what they feel is missing. We listen to the advice, suggestions and ideas on how to create and improve from people who are obsessed with hair.

In order to innovate, we strongly believe in getting the best of the best involved.  This means we search all over the world for chemists, brewers and formulators who receive exceptional praise from hair experts. Once we find the right brewer for the right product, we share our vision and then get to work. Often, we’re at least 50 revisions deep before we feel we’re really on to something.  Once a formula passes our approval, it’s tested on some of the pickiest hair enthusiasts we can find.  If it receives unanimous praise - it’s a go, if not - back to the drawing board!


Ben & I founded BluMaan on the idea that we could make things for people like ourselves, with people like ourselves. To create our products, we work with our community of hairstyle addicts to find ways to make the most effective and interesting products possible.

When BluMaan took off, we both took the plunge and dropped out of University. We committed ourselves to helping people like us have the sharpest, longest lasting hairstyles possible through education and amazing products.